Audiographs Installation

Listening stations designed and built for an art exhibit at Little Mountain Gallery.

Local photographers were paired up with local musicians to create a photo to accompany a piece of music.

The idea was to keep the interface really minimalist and not specifically tie any one song to any particular photo, and to let the viewer decide.  This made things easier, as I didn’t need a display and could get away with just one button.  But, I also had to allow for several listeners at once.  I thought about FM transmitters, but they seemed to unstable and would only have at most 4 channels to transmit on.
I ended up gathering up a bunch of cheap, used CD players that I rewired to have their random/next button connected to a big, red, juicy button.  Arcade-grade buttons were chosen for their reliablity and familiar and satisflying feel and tactile ‘click’

I wanted the form to be a play on the foamcore labels often used to label art in the gallery shows I had been to.


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