Bedroom Wallpaper & Gloss

Finally getting around to posting this one.  It’s a typical rectangular condo bedroom, with white walls and a sliding doors to a balcony.  The wall opposite the bed is high gloss grey. 

I was getting tired of doing matte all the time, and wanted to go the other direction completely.  It took a few different tries to get the right combination of using a foam roller, a 2% mix of water, and application technique to get the paint to self-level without bubbling or leaving roller tracks.   Some tracks are still slightly visible because by that time, I was running out of paint and patience and “more than good enough” was chosen over “perfect”.

I love the result!  A lot of light bounces into the room, reaching the deep end of the ensuite, but the grey still looks warm and cosy in the evening.

The wallpaper on the opposite wall is a metallic and flocked pattern. The metallic works with the high gloss opposite wall to really brighten up the room in the day.

Here’s the wallpapering condensed into a minute and a half:


Stuff like wallpaper, you know you or the next person is going to want to remove it at some point.  I’m not going to remember, and the next person probably won’t have any clue, so I put a small tag on a bottom corner that describes the materials and process used to put it on the wall, and more importantly, how to remove the paper.



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