1988 Cannondale SM500 Hotrod Grocery Getter

My dad finally got a new bike, so I took over his old one, swapping out the Exage drivetrain to a single speed.

  I pretty much built the bike around the EVO handlebar basket I saw in a local shop.  After riding around with it for a few months, there are a few peculiarities about the handlbar basket:

  • It’s really rigid so vibrations get sent right to it and it rattles anything in there. I’ve had beer cans rupture, and I won’t even try to carry glass milk bottles in it.
  • The pipes are too thin to conveniently attach a bike light that’s meant for handlebars — putting the light on the handlebars means it’ll get blocked by your cargo.
  • The nice thing is that the basket doesn’t rattle at all so it’s really quiet.

Of all the bikes I’ve built, I think I”ve had the most complements from strangers with this bike.  In the end, the bike rides really smooth and the 61 gear inches works just fine for me in the city.  Since taking the pictures, I’ve put on clear red nylon bmx style pedals.  Next thing will be to upgrade those front cantilevers to V-brakes.  Eventually I’ll convert some vintage Union headlamp globes to LED and bolt them to the basket.


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