Back in the day, this landline phone would have cost as much as a decent cell phone today.

And by ‘we’ I mean the majority of people who don’t have their lives revolving around tech and gadgets.  Bryan over at Causemos has some interesting things to say about the Oculus Rift when I asked him about it on that Face site. Image from The Verge.

Oh, here’s a piece  I did some photos for of the workspace I designed and built for Erin Shaw.

Really, just for fun and to see if I could do it.

Picked up a nice section of beam from the good folks at Union Wood Company to finally put in a landing pad/shelf by our front door.

Find out from your RAM manufacturer exactly what RAM will work with this machine.  For me, Kingston says their KAC-MEMHS/2G is the stuff.

I love the vintage wallpaper featured here: